Mr Cone is a Family owned and operated business since 1989. Each season we cater over 200 events/50,000 people at special functions for our clients, Always a big hit! 

We make our Soft ice cream to order using the finest ingredients to create our Premium Soft Serve. Eddy Basallo who is the founder started by purchasing his first ice cream truck and delivering the treats around local neighborhoods in South Florida. Since then he has built over 20 trucks that cater to special events. In 2007 the business idea was brought to NC by his daughter and son in law. We are proud to see the business well received with notable mention in local papers and media.
Booking is on a first come first serve basis with special consideration to our prior year returning customers.
Our menu includes:
Soft Serve Cones or Cups
Banana Split

The professional and festive presentation has proved to be a big hit at:

Church Functions
Corporate Events

With the combination of above mentioned and reasonable pricing we are sure to be a great addition to your next event! Book today 704-771-0148 

Mr Cone

There is absolutely no substitute for the best. Great ice cream cannot be made of inferior ingredients masked with high flavor. 

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